Friday, October 20, 2017

The Secret Lives of Hong Kong's Market Cats

Dutch photographer, Marcel Heijnen, captures the lives of Hong Kong's Market Cats – a sequel to his popular collection Hong Kong Shop Cats.

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Teeny Tiny Foosball Tables

miniLAND, a maker of handcrafted miniatures in British Columbia, created a sweet series of wee wooden foosball tables for dollhouses.


The Avignon Chart

Portolan charts are navigational maps based on compass directions and estimated distances observed by the pilots at sea and were noted for their cartographic accuracy. The so-called Avignon Chart (Carte d’Avignon) dates to around 1300, making it one of the earlier portolan charts known to exist.

Read this article about the chart (translated from the original French) that discusses its provenance and how its approximate age was determined.

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Textual Ambiguity

Wrong Hands

The Year Of The Kévins

1991 was the year the Kévins took over France.

Dancing with Wolves, starring Kevin Costner and Home Alone, whose main character was Kevin McCallister, played by Macauley Culkin took to the screens worldwide just one year before and French parents apparently became infatuated with the name. 14,087 bébé Kévins came into the world in France in the year 1991.

But the infatuation was short-lived and today's French parents are naming their petits garçons
Léo, Gabriel, Adam, Timéo and Raphaël.

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